Is proud to announce
the most intense and strategic competition on mobile!



Open to everyone
Beginners to veterans

May 18 - May 20

3 Consecutive days

50 players per map

3 Regions - 3 Maps

Players will be selected on the March & April Season

Start your conquest now to join the competition!


1) Download the game.

2) Progress and climb the leaderboard.

3) Reach the necessary ranking according to your league.

4) Be selected for the Legendary Contest!

Take part in the most intense and exciting competition in Million Lords

Unique competitive rules

Wealth and prestige for the most powerful lords

Reach the top of the leaderboard in your league and put the odds on your side to be selected to participate in the Legendary Contest.

All players can participate, only those with the soul of a conqueror will have a chance to triumph.

In the legendary contest, the game mechanics remains the same but the rules change:

The competition will last 3 consecutive days
50 lords on one map, no attack notifications, access to all legendary gear, increased armies movement speed, and increased troops/gold production.

At the end of the 3 days of extreme conquest, only three Lords will stand out from the crowd. 

Those who will have the highest kingdom points will gain recognition from the ancient gods of the three lands and show everyone who the new legends are.



Totally! With such competitive stakes, we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to participate in the Legendary Contest. Players from the Bronze league (beginners league) will be selected to participate in the competition. You also can participate to social contests (more details soon) and win a place to the competition! 
Join the game for free and reach the highest possible ranking in your league to put the odds in your favor!

Once the legendary contest begins, participants will have 3 consecutive days to put their strategies into action. Each player will have to optimize their strategies and their playing time to reach the final podium before the servers close at the end of the 3 days of competition.

Yes! The competition will take place on a dedicated app different from the official version. However, with the intensity and the stakes of the competition, you will undoubtedly focus 100% on the legendary contest to come out on top.

No my lord! All participants will start the competition on an equal basis. Each player will have access to all the legendary gear of the game and a fixed amount of sapphires.
The in-game purchase menu (chests/advisors/bundles,etc..) will also be disabled. The strategies and tactics you’ll choose will be the only keys of your victory!

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