Million Lords is a riveting, breath-catching MMORTS where the whole world can be yours.

Whether you prefer slaying everyone standing in your way or making alliances, to be a merciless or a merciful Emperor : everything is possible.

Fight for what is yours and build a true Empire, by yourself or with your clan at your side.



Expand your territory beyond all expectations.

Explore infinite, procedurally-generated territories: the only border in this world is your determination.


Compete with anyone from anywhere thanks to the worldwide server.

Go through intense PvP battles and riveting PvE combats and explorations.

Thousands of players are fighting for territory: time to join the fray and rule over them all.


Your achievements will never be forgotten.

The persistent world makes sure you can become a legend.

Outsmart your enemies and seize their territory, alone or with the help of your allies.


Be the rightful leader of your clan: The most powerful member of the clan becomes the leader.

No more frustration because of an unworthy leader.

“Become the new ruler of the Three Lands”


You are a Lord in a land of war, constantly plagued with conflict and chaos ever since the disappearance of the supreme ruler Lord Almaty.

Join your trusted companions and become the most powerful clan.

Strike down your foes or let them live : the choice is yours.

API Load Testing with Gatling

  At Million Victories, we have reacheded a point where we want our game to be put under heavy stress, to test its resistance to a high load of user calls. There are many tools providing such features : we chose Gatling, a popular open source framework for load...

Game UI : so much to sort, so little space – #5 devlog

Here we are, the second devlog about the UI of the game Million Lords! In the last devlog (you can find here), we talked about the combat reports. Now it has been almost 2 months since this devlog and the global UI of the game has considerably changed since. We’ve had...

Project management in video games – Tricky but worth it

Today I am going to talk to you about project management in video games. For some people, project management for an indie game team might sound a bit superficial. If you’re one of them, you might be wondering: “Why would we even need a plan to make a game?”. Well, if...

Game assets creation process at Million Lords

It's time for an art related devlog ! We've talked about a lot of other elements of the process of creating a video game (Pathfinding, Game UI, Finite state machine, Unity Cloud Build...). It can be difficult to get or create assets as a game dev. You can wonder for...

Follow-up Geek Touch – #4 devlog

The convention is done  Aaaand, it's over! Last saturday and sunday were two tiring but really amazing days. More than 140 people signed up to test our game. It might seem small, but the Geek Touch was quite small itself so we are glad . As said in the...

A video game convention, finally – #3 devlog

Convention and competition Hey everyone what’s up 🙂 Time for another devlog ! Million Lords is approaching its next milestone : we are exposants in a convention (yay!)! We’re going to have a small booth at the Japan & Geek Touch, a small french convention taking...

The finite-state machine with Unity

What is a finite-state machine (FSM) exactly? A finite-state machine, also called FSM, is a mathematical model. It can be in only one state at a time, among a finite number of states. If you need an example of a finite-state machine: in our case for Million Lords, to...

Introduction to Pathfinding with Million Lords

Introduction to the game and pathfinding In our game Million Lords, the players can move their units from one city to another. It can be to either strengthen or to go attack an enemy city. The infinite procedural mapping is based on a hexagonal tiles system. The road...

How to improve your game dev workflow with Unity Cloud Build?

Quick introduction Unity3D is a extremely useful game engine that spares you lot of efforts when you develop your game for multiple platforms. In the early stages of Unity, it was very difficult to have a smooth workflow with a small team. Everything needed to be done...

Game UI is your friend – #2 devlog

Hi everyone, it’s time for our second devlog for our game Million Lords! The game's combat report As our fellow game devs might already know, developing a good game UI is an essential and thought wracking step in creating a game. It’s important to create an interface...


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