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Million Lords is a riveting, breath-catching, new real time strategy, massively multiplayer online game, where the world can be yours.

Whether you prefer slaying everyone standing in your way or making alliances, to be a merciless or a merciful Emperor: everything is possible.

Claim territories in the Three Lands realm, either alone or with a clan.

Raise an empire in an infinite world


Expand your territories beyond any borders.

Conquer new regions by displaying your strength.

Face your enemies and defend your cities with unbreakable shields.


Maintain your achievements and glory as tokens of success.

Keep your items, alliances and ranking after each season.

The world’s growth is real, and can be explored as far as you can go.


Compete with anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Change the pace with interesting PvP and captivating quests.

A constantly competitive battlefield, where hundreds of thousands of players race for the top positions of the ladder.

“Become the new ruler of the Three Lands”


You are a Lord in a land of war, constantly plagued with conflict and chaos ever since the disappearance of the supreme ruler Lord Almaty.

Join your trusted companions and become the most powerful clan.

Strike down your foes or let them live: the choice is yours.


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