[Update – 30/09] 🔒 The rewards were sent out!. Those who where connected in game since the beginning of the new season today received their rewards.
We will be sending out more of the rewards tomorrow for those who are going to connect later today.
Lords, today is World peace day! 🏳️
Even though million lords is all about war and conquest, that doesn’t mean we can’t come together and help each other.
🎁So for this special event, respond to this post, share a friend’s (or enemy’s!) in game name accompanied by their server and they will get 600 sapphires! Add yours and we will give you 300 sapphires for being a good friend! Yes that’s it just share your in game names!
Make sure to ask your friend to share your in game name with theirs for a total of 900 sapphires to you both 😉