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Million Lords is a MMORTS set in an infinite world with no limits. It's a game of conquest and war where every player must fight other Lords to expand their Kingdom and prosper. The players must use their best strategic thinking and plan ahead of their opponents if they want to defeat them! With Million Lords, we are trying to optimize the game for mobile and for mobile only. That means: an ergonomy and a game design optimized for mobile (short game sessions, playable with one finger, easy to access...) and the game has depth : the players get stronger if their strategy is pertinent (diplomacy, alliances, specialisations…) and not because of the time they spent in the game.


You are a young Lord striving for success and conquest. The great Lord Almaty, Lord of the Three Lands, is looking for a successor that will be able to reign in his stead. To prove your worth, you must reconquer the Three Lands by yourself, against the other Lords fighting for the throne.


  • A procedural world with no limits either in size or in population.
  • RPG layers like a skill tree, an inventory... To better show your tactical abilities.
  • Idle features - you gain armies even if you disconnect.
  • Infinite cities, levels and armies. No level cap here, no sir!
  • A clan system to play with your friends and plan organized attacks against your foes.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of the Global Media Connect Game contest." Lyon, 4 July, 2017

Selected Articles

  • "... a promising looking game that looks set to offer epic hex-based TS battles on a massive scale [...]"
    - Alpha Beta Gamer, Alpha Beta Gamer

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Interview of Benoît Ducrest: CEO and Creative Director of Million Victories by Business France at Gamescom: https:.

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About Million Victories

Million Victories is an independent game studio created in July 2017 and based in Lyon, France. We set out to create challenging, dynamic and most of all fun MMO games on mobile. Million Victories will launch its first game, Million Lords, early 2019 on iOS and Android.

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Million Lords Credits

Benoît Ducrest
CEO, Creative Director

Celine Allary

Anton Monjon

Guillaume Lacava
Technical Architect

Cyril Nouvet
Back-end Developer

Ralph Nicolas
Gameplay developer

Robin Gorny
Gameplay developer

Cedric Roux

Laïla Bouchara
UI/UX deigner

Ludovic Jordan
Product Manager

Wassim Mehrazi
Community Manager

Kevin Avril
QA tester

Paul Mafayon
Artist, Freelancer

Marc Bour
Music, Freelancer

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