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Million lords is celebrating 3 years of live service with its community through events, giveaways and exclusive content.

We decided to make this anniversary a special one to celebrate our massive growth, reaching more than 130 000 monthly players.

To thank the wonderful community to which we owe such amazing results, we are hosting a series of events and giveaways where every player, new or veteran, has a chance of winning exclusive items and special anniversary skins.

The anniversary celebration will go on from the 15th to the 30th of September.

Events, giveaways and exclusive content

Million Lords

Celebration pack for all

We will be releasing a pack for all our active players as a thank you to our community! Make sure to be active during the anniversary season to receive it.

Veteran pack giveaway

We will be sending outs free pack to celebrate players who have been with us for more than a year. We are thankful for our veteran players and want to express our gratitude towards their continued support.
All active accounts created more than a year ago will benefit from this.

Million Lords

Old timers’ pack giveaway

We are proud to know some players have been with us for more than 2 years, some have been since the beginning even. We would like to take this anniversary as an occason to show our appreciation for those players.

All active accounts created more then 2 years ago will receive this gift package!


After all these years we expect you to be knowledgeable Lords, a Quiz will be available for those who want to challenge their knowledge and lucks! Some chosen ones may leave with great rewards.

Stay tuned on our social media and in game for how to participate!

City Skin galore !

During the celebration period, starting on the 15th of september, each day, we will be releasing a seasonal city skin plus en exclusive anniversary edition city skin! You will be able to find them in the shop! This is your only chance to gather any skin you might have missed.

By the way, the dwarf forge city skin won’t be purchasable in the shop, instead, players will be able to win this skin during the anniversary stream on the 15th of september!

Anniversary chromas

Some of you might recognize which skin this is but you have never seen this vairiation which will only be available during the anniversary period.
So make sure to grab it or win it through events as this skin won’t ever be available in this chroma again.

Few of you might know which skin this is. If you do, you already know only one person in the game has this skin.

We will be releasing a chroma of this skin and the proceeds will be given away for charity. More details on this same page on the 23rd!

Anniversary league tounrnament

This anniversary season, we will be rewarding players who reach the top of the leaderboard!
A prize pool will be available for all players who manage to climb to the highest ranks so get ready and sharpen your weapons!
Winners will be handsomely rewarded with the exclusive anniversary skin and many more spoils!

Media platforms events

Anniversary stream

We will be hosting an anniversary stream to kick off events on the 15th of september at 3PM UTC! We will be sharing information about the anniversary and telling you a little bit about the various events that are coming.

Players will be able to ask their most burning questions about the event, the game or just chat with us.

As per usual, we will be handing out various rewards throughout the stream, as well as hosting a stream city skin giveaway ! so make to be there to win the dwarf forge city skins and various promo codes.


Content creator codes

We would also like to put the spotlight on Million Lords content creators who take time to share their knowledge and love for the game with others.

We sent them some packs to giveaway so make sure to check their content!