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Celebrate Halloween with us from the 17th to the 31st of October.

Zombie troops!

The zombie horde gameplay event will be held in-game during Halloween! In this zombie-themed event, cities will generate zombie troops who are more numerous but very slow compared to regular armies. It’s up to players to figure out how to adapt their strategy to this.

  • Army speed divided by 2
  • Troop production multiplied by 1.5

Troop loss event

During the current season, we will be monitoring troop losses and sending out rewards to players who lost the most troops.

  • The top 3 players with the most losses.
  • 3 winners per league.
  • Winners are identified at the end of the season and rewarded during the next season.

Harrowing forge skin

Talks of gruesome and horrifying infestations in some of the multiple forges of the tree lands reached few ears, but many thought it to be only stories to scare children.
Unfortunately, those tales are true as players will come to face enemies coming straight out of these harrowing cities!

Find this skin in the game shop or win it in events starting from the 17th.

Halloween Bundle

For Halloween, we are releasing a special bundle with a spooky discount of 50% on all its contents.

The value here is ghastly so make sure to take advantage as it will only be available for one week from the 17th of October.

Community events

Cooking / Baking contest

Prepare a meal or a cake based on Halloween and Million Lords.

The meal should include either:

  • the logo of the game as part of the meal (The Logo of the game made in cake with fake spider webs around it?)
  • A character from the game as part of the meal (The mane of Almaty in Spaghetti?)
  • A city as part of the meal ( a cake in the form of a castle?)

Condition: share the photo of the meal before the 2nd of November, a paper with the PID should be visible for the team to make sure it was made by the user.

Drawing: Digital or traditional

The art should be homemade: no photomontage or exact copy of existing art

It should be easy to recognize Million Lords by its content (logo, character, art style, etc)
Should be related to Halloween (costume, decor)
Condition: share the Drawing before the 2nd of November, a paper or a signature with the PID should be visible for the team to make sure it was made by the user.

Event Zombie: Screenshot

Simulate a Zombie invasion of a city by attacking it with as many armies as possible. Take a screenshot of many of your armies attacking one city. A swarm of Zombies should look terrifying!