Your attention my Lords! The leagues are coming in the Three Lands.

Starting now, each Million Lords player will be grouped with his direct competitors of the same level and experience. A real dynamic that adds up to an even stronger experience of conquest and strategy.

So get ready for a mercyless war and try to move up in ranks to become a legendary lord !



Leagues are different servers that divide the lords of the three lands by their experience.

New players will be automatically sent to the bronze league, and fight to rise from league to league to become a Legend!


Rankup and get new exclusive rewards, only some of the ranks will be promoted to the next league, some might stay in their league for a long time or even be demoted to the previous league. Fight for your place!


The competition is even more fierce now, the matchmaking is more balanced and all the lords will get to fight opponents that are as strong as them.
Conquer the three lands, train your troops and reach the top to get the best rewards.


What are leagues?

The leagues allow players to be grouped on different virtual servers according to their skills and performance throughout the season. The more a player is invested in his strategies and conquest of the Three Lands, the more he is able to reach a high league corresponding to his skills and his level of mastery of Million Lords. This feature provides a balanced and fair-play experience between players and enhances the competitive experience of the game by offering new goals to achieve (and reap new rewards!).

How do the leagues work?

All active players and / or having created an account before the Leagues of Glory update will be placed in the silver League, while new players who play after the update will be placed in the Bronze League. Each player starts in the bronze league and stays there for the entire season. At the end of the season, the best players move on to the silver league, and so on until the legendary league. Players in the gold league or higher must maintain a sufficient level of play or they risk to be demoted to a lower league at the end of the season. Each league has its own specificities to best suit the gameplay of either beginners or experienced players; for example, players in the bronze league get a higher skill bonus by default than in the silver league.

How will the leagues affect my playing experience?
The addition of leagues allows players to be grouped according to their level of play so that everyone can play with opponents of equivalent level. This update makes it possible to offer everyone a balanced and progressive experience: whether you play occasionally for fun or on a daily basis with many game strategies to try to be among the best players in Million Lords, there is a league for you.
How will the clans work with the arrival of the leagues?

Clans are dependent on leagues: if you lead a clan, your members have to be in the same league as you to remain in your clan. If you are a member of a clan, you must be in the same league as your leader. If your leader is promoted or demoted in another league the following season and this is not your case, you have to find a new clan in your league, or even create your own!

I am motivated, ambitious and ask only one thing: How to become one of the most recognized and powerful lords of the three lands?

Your quest is long and perilous, but with discipline, will and especially armies, you will manage to develop and own many lands! Young Lord, here are your objectives :

  • Bronze League: You will be able to discover the game, develop your first strategies and learn the core mechanics of Million Lords in peace before moving to a higher league. Only inactive players will remain in the Bronze League for the next season.

  • Silver League: You will have to put in place your achievements and successfully conquer the three lands: Only the top 50% best players will be able to access the gold league. If you haven’t made it to the next league, no worries! You cannot retrograde to the bronze League, which is primarily reserved for new players.

A bronze league season will last 6 weeks, while the rest of the leagues will always run over one month seasons. Thanks to our cat-chitechs, we were able to ensure that all the seasons end at the same time.

Triumph over your opponents and be as good a warlord as a diplomat, the kingdom of the three lands is waiting for you, good luck my lord!