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power of gems

*Early build

Get ready for a whole new dimension to conquest mighty lords. Jewels of great power are finally making their arrival in Millionlords, Join the fray and get them !  

Game changes

Gems are coming to shake things up on the three lands

You can now add gems to your equipment

Gems come in different colors each representing an attribute, such as guardian :

They vary in shape according to their rank, as they go from weakest (left) to strongest (right).

How gems work

Gems just like items have star levels which can be upgraded using gems of the same kind and rarity. They can be equipped on any item with jewel slots depending on it’s rarity. 1 gem for Epic, 2 for Mythical and 3 for Legendaries. These gems add attribute points to each equipment with similar stats. An item with Recruiter and Cautious as attributes can’t be equipped with any gem not possessing either of these attributes (sorry, no infinity gauntlet here).  

How to get them

  • You are rewarded with gems at the end of each season according to your rank on the leaderboard. The gem type is random but the amount you get increases from 1 to 6 as you reach the top 1% of your league. That means you always win at least 1 gem after each season no matter how you performed against your peers. Please keep in mind, the rarity of the gems you get increases as you go up in leagues. Thus the strongest gems can only be obtained in the highest leagues.
  • If you can’t wait for the seasons to be over to get your hands on one of these gems, you can buy them for saphires in the shop. So don’t forget to do your dailies and harvests my lord ! The shop can be used to buy gems but these can only be of the rarity of the league you currently are in.

Bigger calendar for even more rewards

Extended reward calendar

We are going to switch the reward calendar from 14 days to 28 days, giving players even more rewards in total.   The calendar will now reset everyday at 0:00 utc for everyone compared to before where it depended on the players login time.


the millionlords team will be hosting a livestream to answer any questions you might have about the update and more.

Join us to win in-game gifts and ask your questions !

stay tuned here :

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