Easter is coming and we are excited to share all that we have been preparing for this update with all our players ! Prepare yourselves, this is a chance to win tons of rewards including exclusive Easter city skins !

Throughout our websites we have placed various promo codes for players to find. These codes can be found within images, or text. There are many codes with rewards spreadout accross this website.

Some codes are reusable but some more rewarding codes are one time use so make sure to participate and avoid missing out.

The easter city skin is the chance for you to stand out among your peers and style on your enemies with exclusive city appearance.
As every other skin, it evolves with levels and gets more and more impressive as you level up the city.

Happy to say players will be able to win this skin through various events including upcoming giveaways and the dedicated Livestream.

We will be hosting a livestream presenting the upcoming update and giving more details in regards to changes brought with the 4.3.0 version update.

The livestream will be live on the 8th of April at 2 PM utc. You can watch it at this link .

If you missed the livestream, you will be able to watch the VoD on our youtube channel.

Stay tuned on our social media channels where you will be able to take part in contests for an additional chance at winning the easter city skin. EASTER-4A4C6F

But not all of our contests will be happening on social media, another contest will be held directly in game and players only need to play the game to participate.
Throughout the Easter update season, we will measure the biggest attacks players made in the season.
Please keep in mind, this takes into account the exp gained with that attack, so you might want to optimise through things like:

  • Attacking 200% exp targets
  • Making sure the city has standing walls
  • Attacking the highest level cities possible

At the end of the season, we will announce the 10 biggest attacks across all leagues and servers.
The top 3 will receive an easter city skin and 2000 sapphires.
The 3 following will receive a mighty chest and a mighty jewel chest.

And the 4 others will get a mighty chest and 500 sapphires.

Starting from the 14th of april, you will be able to purchase the easter bundle which includes:

  • A Mighty chest
  • A Mighty jewel box
  • 2 skill reset books
  • A random legandary item

This bundle will be availabe from the 14th of april 0:00 UTC to the 28th of april 0:00 UTC.

Updated map assets

We updated assets for maps throughout all of the biomes.  The assets are now put together through an optimized technique which allows us to blend  3D productions with 2D elements.

This means we now have biome assets like trees which are more beautiful and varied but also faster for us to create.

New league progression system

In this update we thought of improving the sense of progression in the game. We wanted new players to progressively get accustomed to various game features as they climb the leagues.

That means, some features won’t be available in earlier leagues.
That also means some features behave differently in higher leagues, most notably temples with their templars, gems and map expansion.

In  Diamond league, maps will spawn at a much faster rate expanding the pool of capturable cities while spreading fights to much larger scales.

!values not indicative of reality

Temples will only be available starting from gold league and templars will become available in platinum.

 !values not indicative of reality

Gems start making their appearance only in silver, bronze players will gain gems as season reward still but they will only be able to use it once they start their season in silver.

Here is a full summary on league mechanics changes as players climb leagues


Feature Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Base brave skill 33% 15% 1% 1% 1%
Base Fearless skill 33% 15% 1% 1% 1%
Wounded army heal price 50% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Access to wounded army heal All Rank Not for top 1% to 6% Not for top 1% to 6% Not for top 1% to 6% Not for top 1% to 6%
Gems in the Shop No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temples No No Yes Yes Yes
Templars No No No Yes Yes
Increased map generation rate No No No No Yes

Changes to game mechanics

We have been progressively tuning game mechanics to encourage certain playstyles which we deem to be healthier to the game’s balance.

Before announcing the next 2 changes we will be experimenting with lets listthe previous changes we are permanently implementing into the game as a reminder.

  • Doubling the troop production for cities
  • 33% increase in Exp gain on troops killed during a defense

These 2 changes brought us closer to our goal which is to encourage a more defensive gameplay and shift a little bit from the attack meta.

We’ll keep a close eye on the impact of these changes but while doing that, we’ll move on with more changes:

  • Gold production from cities doubled
  • Removed from level up rewards
  • For a limited time we will test the impact of reducing wall timers from 4 to 1 hours
    We will be keeping a close eye on player behaviour during this change

If you read until here, use this code as thanks : EASTER-6F975D