Game update notes

Be prepared for the upcoming end of season (on all leagues except Bronze 0) this Tuesday dear Lords. We’ve got many things prepared for you  ranging from game feature release to events and a new diamond league, so read the full post for all the details.

As a reminder, servers will go under maintenance starting at 9 am UTC for the update.


Game content

Diamond league

Most of you might already know we are going to release the diamond league since it was announced in game and teased on our Instagram page. 

Here’s how you’ll manage to get into diamond. First keep in mind that the diamond league will be released during the next update, but only the top 30% of players in the leaderboard during the upcoming season in platinum will be promoted to diamond.

So here are the basic details:

  • Skill tree
    • Fearless & Brave have of base of 1% with a maximum of 75%
  • Added specific diamond assets to the map
  • Leaderboard ranking rewards
    • 100% – 95% Rank : 1 gem
    • 95% – 50% Rank : 2 gems
    • 50% – 25% Rank : 3 gems
    • 25% – 6% Rank : 4 gems
    • 6% – 1% Rank : 5 gems
    • 1% + Rank : 6 gems


But here is the kicker, at a later date when everyone is settled in, we will be introducing specific modifications there to reflect the higher level of strategy and gameplay we expect from diamond players.

So why would you like to gain access to this shiny new league apart from bragging rights?

Gems, that’s right diamond Gems with higher stats than platinum gems.
Please keep in mind that you won’t be able to convert platinum gems into diamond leagues’. Players will have to slowly replace their platinum gems with diamond ones as they compete in diamond.



Player panel

We are also adding the new player’s panel, where you can find general information about players. This panel will serve as a base for other relevant information we want players to know about one another, so don’t hesitate to give your ideas!

There you will be able to find the player’s:

  • Avatar
  • Banner
  • Name
  • Clan
    • with its total kingdom points
  • Level
  • Prestige
  • Kingdom Points
    • with their rank
  • City skin
  • Templars (and contribution amount for each category) this one can only be seen by players in the same clan
  • Number of temples owned (no precisions on type)
  • Spoken languages


Valentine’s troop production event

This update will be coming on the 15th just after valentine’s day. Speaking of which, we have a special event prepared for you guys for this period!

The troop production factor will be multiplied by 2 after the maintenance on the 15 till the 21st of February.

Here are examples of how this affects city production:

Level 40 cities will generate 1400 troops instead of 700 per hour Level 70 cities will generate 36500 troops instead of 18000 per hour Level 95 cities will generate 550000 troops instead of 280000 per hour

So make sure to defend those cities if you want to capitalize Lords.

Note: With this event we are testing the waters for more time sensitive game events which will affect how player strategize. This should add more variables for players to take into account and dynamize the gameplay loop while shaking up the meta a little with each event.

Pink City skin chroma sale

To go with the valentine theme, we will be reducing the price of the pink city skin chromas by 50% so make sure to grab it while this lasts from the 14/02/2022 at 08h00 UTC till 20/02/2022 08:00 UTC.



Valentine’s day Bundle

We will also be offering a time limited (from the 15th at 08:00 UTC till the 21st) special valentine’s day bundle you can buy with sapphires!

Adventurer naming event



For those of us who don’t have that special person for valentine’s day, we would like to remind you there is someone who has been with you since the new horizon update, the adventurer.
She has been assisting you for some time now and we would like to give you the chance to show your gratitude towards her.

You can help us find a fitting name for the character which will become canon for the million lord’s lore.

To do so, make sure to participate to our upcoming Instagram event which will start during the next update.

Don’t miss this as the one who’s name is picked by us gets huge loot of the legendary kind 😉


 Stay tuned on our Instagram page this coming  Tuesday 15th during the maintenance.