The game will be under maintenance on the 14th of December and the game won’t be accessible while this maintenance is going on.

You will be notified once the game goes live so keep an eye out for the notification if you want to get back into the fray as soon as possible !

This maintenance also marks the release of patch 3.10.2, here are the release notes:

  • Made changes to our rating prompts behavior.
  • Added 5 new achievement rewards for following our social media channels!
    Accomplish all five for maximum rewards !
  • Quality of life improvements
    • Added a new panel for guild leaders to find potential new members.
    • Corrected an issue with locating clan leaders when they moved their main city.
    • Main city changes are now better taken into account when locating players.
    • Full clans don’t appear in the clan recruitment panel anymore.
  • Added Christmas assets to the game
    Christmas holidays are around the corner so the game is changing its theme accordingly ! keep an eye out for our Christmas event  🙂