Would you like to leave your mark on Million Lords? And even win sapphires while doing it ? well look no further than our next event. You are now familiar with expeditions and their 3 possible outcomes but let me refresh you.

Random: A random event of no real consequence to the character.

Examples: “I helped a villager on his way to the farm” “I saw Brit showing the way to a young soldier”, “Once again the mysterious red shining point taunted me and I tried to catch it!”


Examples: “A snake entered my boots and bit me as I wore them”, “I caught a cold”, “I took an arrow to the knee”, “My boat was attacked by Sawfiches and sinked” “, “Came across bandits, I had to fight to escape”


Examples: “I made short work of a pack of goblins”, “A villager I helped rewarded me”, “An old lady gave me a treasure map, I found the loot”

The best scenarios/sentences will be rewarded with 500 sapphires and have a chance to be added to the outcomes.

We will be using many of these scenarios so don’t hesitate to give as many as you can, like this:

Player Name:


Damage:”sentence1“, “sentence2″,…….,”sentenceX”

Loot:”sentence1“, “sentence2″,…….,”sentenceX”

Random:”sentence1“, “sentence2″,…….,”sentenceX”


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