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Million Lords is a real-time strategy MMO game unlike any other: no city-building, no timer, no micro-management, everything is about conquest, fun and diplomacy.

Million Lords focuses on troops management, battle tactics and clans war strategies.

With a refreshing gameplay designed for mobile, Million Lords offers the best from classic strategy games in a modern and innovative way. The unique server system behind Million Lords is able to host an unlimited number of players in a single world, allowing battles of unprecedented scope.

Raise an empire in an infinite world

Masterfully designed game universe

The game’s artistic design was made by industry veteran Paul Mafayon who worked on
World of Warcraft & Hearthstone.
Our team is composed of strategy fans who wish to put their extensive experience into a
game that RTS fans would love..

True and pure strategy

Million lords removes the fluff of timers and resource farming to offer a true RTS gameplay
experience with unparalleled back to basics deep gameplay we love. Make use of
positioning, starve your competitors of resources by capturing strategic areas and constantly
pressure them with troop positioning. On this war-torn land, wits and mind games are

Deep RPG like customization

Choose your own playstyle by making use of our rich talent tree and hundreds of equipment
Take the more aggressive path and plunder gold through stomping your enemies or profit
from losing your territory with special traits in the talent tree.
No matter what your playstyle is, there is a place for you on the three lands.