We will be giving away 4 days of the most voted advisor between these two : Commander or Harvester. All you need is to follow our social media page, like the post and give us your answer in the comments.

But wait there’s more, if we get 50 or more comments (25 for twitter) on each social media for your favorite advisor, we will be giving away both of them to every participant.

But wait there’s even more, if we get more than 100 or more comments (50 on twitter) for your favorite advisor we will add 3 more days adding up to a total of one full week for each advisor + 2 chests courtesy of Azengard.

⚠️ Remember that only one comment per ❗follower❗ is taken into account.

Though you can participate on each social media to help the effort 😉

Check it out on these pages 👉 (Twitter/Facebook/Discord) @millionlords