For this update, we are proud to announce an exciting and unique gameplay addition to the world of the Three lands. We have also followed your feedback regarding the stability of the game and fixed the bugs related to the cities levels upgrading and the watcher advisor. (

You will now be able to increase the power of your gear thanks to the magical power of these precious stones! 🔸

🔸 New feature : Gems

Dear lords, before going into battle, come see your artisan jeweler! You will now be able to benefit from even more powerful gear thanks to the inlaying of gems in it!

Each gem applies a bonus to one of the 12 skills of the game, this bonus varies according to the level (number of stars) and the rarity of the gem. By example, the fearless bronze gem will grant you a 1% fearless bonus on your gear, while the legendary striker gem will grant you a striker 5% bonus.

The rarer a gear, the more slots it has to receive gems:

Common / Rare : No slots
Epic : 1 slot
Mythic : 2 slots
Legendary : 3 slots

Gems become the new end-of-season rewards, the better your league, the better the gems you will receive, your end-of-season ranking is also important: The higher you are at the end of the season, the more gems you will receive.

Gems can either be upgraded by merging duplicates or destroyed for skydust!

Gems can only be placed on gear with already existing corresponding bonuses (For example you can only put a striker gem bonus on gear that already gives the striker bonus)

The skill of a gem can be changed using sapphires, the price of this action changes depending on its star count and rarity. When doing this change, the skill of the gem will be applied randomly among the 12 different skills (except of course the initial one)

📆 Improvement : Daily reward calendar

The reward calendar will now go from a 14 day period to a 28 day period. The rewards are accordingly adjusted so as to have higher value for our most dedicated lords!

✅ Patchnote with more information & visuals is available here :

As a reminder, the update will be available tomorrow after the servers maintenance and you will need to download it on the store in order to play the game.

Have a nice week and a successful conquest my Lord!