Lords, New horizons our latest update is just around the corner or already released depending on when you read this ! This update marks a turning point for the game as it brings a total revamp of the user interface and a totally new gameplay element. As New Horizon launches, we want our players to see it as a timestamp for the beginning of a series of updates based on feedback by our players.

Our main focus will be on cooperation and the social aspects of the game through expanded clans and game activities, this visual change to the game truly emphasizes what’s to come, new horizons !

That being said, lets open with our present update and what it brings,

UI & Artistic direction

  • Updated the game’s icon and logo.
  • Revamped most elements of the user interface.
  • Updated Million Lords’ visual and artistic guidelines to fit a more prestigious and vibrant theme.
  • Updated banner icons and colors.

New features

  • Expeditions You can now send a hero on various epic adventure types through wonderous lands!
  • Clan invite list

    Clan leaders can now invite new members through potential candidates panel.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Templars can’t be bought with sapphires anymore.
  • Messages can now be stocked up till 100.


  • The time bracket for speed ups was reduced to above 30 seconds from 60
  • Chests now drop every 10 levels to match the improved rewards from expeditions