As this particularly hectic year draws to a close, more and more of you are setting out every day to conquer the three lands! Every day, while many lords fight body and soul for the final throne, young Lords join the perpetual war of the three lands to try to obtain glory, wealth and prestige. The challenge is even more important since the arrival of the competitive leagues!

This new feature allows players to achieve new goals while providing a fairer balance between players. Beginners can start the game by learning the basics, while veterans can apply their strategies on seasoned players corresponding to their level of play. With the arrival of this major update, we wanted to share with you our vision of one of the fundamental aspects of Million Lords: the balancing between players.

Fonctionnement de la progression d'un joueur

Player’s progress in the leagues.


In Million Lords, we try to give players as much freedom as possible by not limiting them on the amount of cities they can conquer, the strategies they can choose, and we don’t want to put a timer on city upgrades to avoid the frustrating side of having to wait for the game to start. We didn’t want a Pay-2-win game, that’s why everything that can be bought in the game is recoverable in different ways (achievements, end of season awards, gameplay events etc…).

Players can recover large amounts of sapphires by completing achievements, watching ads or participating in in-game events. These sapphires allow them to buy chests/jewelry boxes, and to get more equipments; but that’s not all, every 5 levels the players win one chest or box alternately. With all these elements we ensure we do not disadvantage free players compared to paying players.

We acknowledged the growing gap between new and old players, hence the objective of setting up competitive leagues trough our latest major update. This feature allows new players to play with each other while they discover the mechanics of the game. For old players, the season system remains the same, with only one change: the top ranked players move to the next league to get better rewards.

In 2021 we will bring many balances and new features to offer an ever more strategic, intense and satisfying gameplay. We will reinforce the community aspect of Million Lords by greatly increasing the interactions between the studio and you! Q&A streaming sessions, polls, code of conduct, in-game events, contests, and much more will be happening throughout the year, so don’t hesitate to subscribe to our various social networks to make sure you don’t miss any announcements. Your constant feedback allows us to significantly improve the gaming experience and we are truly grateful for that.

PS: A special holiday giveaway is underway to allow up to 5 of you to win sapphires and many different in-game gifts! Come and try your luck before December 28th and try to win gifts that are probably nicer than the pair of Christmas socks your grandmother might give you!

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The Million Victories team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you soon on the three lands!


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