Lords here is our letter to players where we’ll be addressing upcoming changes, planned releases as well as questions players have been asking us.

We also want to thank you for your feedback regarding support and communication, we will be addressing these aspects plus much more in this letter so read the full version for all the details.

With this letter, we want to share details about the game’s ongoing development as well as giving you a broad rundown of upcoming changes so you’ll have a clear picture of what we are up to.

Don’t worry there is a tl;dr for those of you who don’t have time to read such a long post.

First, here is a gift code to thank you for your support and patience.


🎁 DEVL-F30036 🎁



  • We are working on improving the game’s stability and we do our best to bring you guys the best experience while growing the team to adjust to the growing number of players.
  • More and more players join million Lords each day which is wonderful for us but also creates the need to hire more support which we will do on short delay.
  • Several players report observing trading and we are grateful for them taking the time to send their feedback. We are going to release changes which will promote healthy sportsmanship and stop the incentive for any player to exchange cities in a systematic way which benefits both parties.
  • More customization options and social features like private messages and clan content are on their way, look forward to it!
  • A new diamond league and prestige requirements to drop leagues.
  • Prepare for a lot more events and giveaways !


Read the full version here : Full Version