I thought putting this article for after a month in the studio, but then it felt too long to wait, and a one-day impression would be too early to say anything since it’s always a busy/confusing day to begin with. The first week seems the best choice to give a feedback, a sort of how it is and how it will be for me within Million Victories, and share it with whoever is interested in the quick story of How I made my official debut in the gaming industry!

Horrible, stressful, exhausting, impossible, hopeless… is what it feels like to look for a bed and four walls in (probably) the biggest city for students in France, Lyon. But fortunately, my smooth start with Million Victories gave me time to conclude a very lucky rent on the other side of the city. Because leeching on a friend’s couch for a long time isn’t healthy…

Now let me tell you how my first week at a very young and ambitious Video Games startup felt. Imagine being a horse trapped among a flock of sheep, a horde of lookalike mindsets, blocking you from running wild and giving yourself that freedom you crave for…

Now imagine the horse breaking loose, and finding a herd of stud horses, opening path for him to run free, into an uncertain yet exciting journey. That’s how it feels to join Million Victories!

Even before my high school graduation, I already decided to make my path into the Video Games industry, following the “make of your passion your profession” moto that I strongly believe in as a way to be happy and fulfilled in the personal and professional life. And it took me almost a decade of preparation and dedication by experiencing and learning anything possible to drag me closer to this day. And I was finally given the chance by people who trusted me and believes in my potential to lift the community management and creative aspect of the matter, to whom I’m very grateful and already giving my best by putting words into action.

Alright, let’s cut the long chit-chat, and get right into it!

Million Victories is a very fresh startup, working on its first game, called Million Lords. Our aim is to release one of the best strategy mobile games, played massively online, with a procedural map and infinite power/possibilities.

When I first learned about the game, I thought it was too ambitious, but very possible, it will only need a serious engagement and an important production time, but more importantly, the more the company will be giving importance to their community, the better the game will be. Then I got hired! Discovering a team full of passion, aiming to make Million Lords a very fun, competitive and stable game, which was nice and reinsuring.

I was first introduced to the team, to know each one’s responsibility, then we shared thoughts about the game, about the vision, long terms objectives, and even our favorite movies and games! And in less than a week, I took into hands some important tasks for the customer support, moderation and reviewing. As I’m still new in the team and need more time to get the important and critical topics, I try to break ice more with my teammates by sharing ideas to add or modify in the game, bring support with my knowledge and experience, breaking through my shyness as much as possible…


Seeing how the team manage the tasks is eye-opening, because I always imagined and read a lot about different approaches, since it’s one of my aims to learn from the experienced ones. Benoit is like the man with thousands of connections, Céline the business veteran, Anton is the captain on the field, and each member of the team have a solid knowledge on his field. But the point is, even that tasks are separated, each opinion is highly considered and taken seriously by the whole team, and the whole creative process is a huge collective of brilliant ideas and suggestions.

Considering the game progression, it is highly expectable to release it early 2019. And we’re aiming for a successful start, considering the critical acclaims coming from our close beta testers, who didn’t even experience the newly added game functionalities yet (planned for an update, the 11/05).

I will be there, growing and making the community a very welcoming one, sharing a very positive experience, and taking the game to the next level with more mechanics and content. Because I truly believe in this project, that I already made as mine!

Tune up on our social media, Discord server and soon on Reddit, for more news and content related to Million Lords, and to be part of our great community!