Hello everyone,

Today we are starting a new series of blog post : Production Update.

Production Update posts are going to details where we are with our current work in progress title: Million Lords!

We have just achieved our latest milestone: Beta with success, and now we are starting the Release Candidate Milestone!

Well you might wonder what are the differences between those two milestones? Each game studio is using its own convention naming, and there is no such things as : Alpha states of a game should contain this things, and not this, and so forth.

You might have played some amazing beta version of Blizzard’s games, like World of Warcraft, that was even more polished and finished than some other “released” games. The most important point is to have a common terminology within your team and community.

Thus for us Beta milestone was over as we are getting closer to the release date of the game. We are still in Closed Beta and we are adding more players every day, mainly in order to scale up smoothly our game servers.

During the Beta milestone we were focusing on testing and implementing lot of new features (and some of them are not yet released live), but now we have all the features planned for the World Wide launch. Those features are in game but they are far from being acceptable as it is. Thus our plan for the Release Candidate Milestone is to polish everything that we have done so far, with lot of “Juice”.

The following video explains better than I will do on the matter of Game Feel / Juice:

Thus if you are playing our closed beta you will notice lot of small improvement in-game. Particles, Better game art, and so forth…

If you have not yet registered for the beta you still can do it on this form