Hi everyone!

For this very first post of the devlog, talking about art seemed like a good place to start.

Million Lords Concept Art

The art of Million Lords went through (and still does) a lot of changes and the art of the game has a pretty interesting story.

We’ve first had the pleasure to work with the well-known Paul Mafayon, that you might already know from his previous work for games such as Hearthstone and World of Warcraft. Cédric then joined the team as our art conceptor and graphics designer.

The main art for the heroes, the castles, etc… comes directly from Paul. Of course, we can’t forget the banner, that I certainly hope you’ve seen on our website.

Defense Hero Art

In our game Million Lords, the cities are very important elements, since they get regularly upgraded. When a city gets upgraded, the level is not the only element to change : the appearance of the city will change too. You become richer, stronger and more powerful than ever and your cities will look the part. 

Evolution cities

A lot of the work has been done, but there is still a lot left to do. The possibility to customize your hero and your cities, for example, might take a really long time, but it gives a lot of depth to the game so it’s a feature we definitely don’t want to miss out on. 

We also have some NPCs in drafting, and some assets, created and drawn by our very talented resident graphics designer Cédric. 

Hope you enjoyed this first edition of the devblog ! I’ll leave you with some sketches to enjoy 🙂

Concept Art Fennec