The convention is done 

Aaaand, it’s over! Last saturday and sunday were two tiring but really amazing days. More than 140 people signed up to test our game. It might seem small, but the Geek Touch was quite small itself so we are glad . As said in the previous devlog, we organized a contest : the first player of the leaderboard at 2PM on sunday would win a really f-ing epic sword. And damn if that wasn’t a fight. Ingame, people wildly fought for the first place! The winner even pulled an all-nighter to get the advantage on the other contestants. If that isn’t motivation I don’t know what it is. The winner and the runnerup were both at the booth at 10 sharp to fight it out and they stayed there playing for several hours. Fuzzionyx, the winner, won at the very last second : he managed to conquer a powerful enemy city seconds before the end, and it shot him at the top of the leaderboard. The other player, Simon, couldn’t even retaliate.

What we wish we’d done earlier

Now, we quickly realized it was necessary to optimize our booth to get the best visibility. Our booth was in a zone called the Indie Game Lab. We had to think about how to position our stand so that everyone passing by could see us. At first we were facing the center of the IGL, but we were kindly recommended by one of the organisators to try to face the exterior, towards the people walking by. We didn’t really think about it at first and we immediately saw a great improval of the number of people stopping at our stand. The photocall especially was a great way to catch everyone’s attentions, as well as the TV on our table showing the trailer of the game. We changed the setup of the booth on saturday afternoon and we could see a real difference. That can appear just really superficial but sometimes it’s these kind of things that makes a convention successful or not. Cheers ! Check out our other devlogs while you’re at it 😉