Hey there.

A little less technical devlog here. We’ve got some good stuff coming up next week, courtesy of Ralph 🙂 . He wrote the article on finite-state machine in Unity already if you want to check it out.

But that’s for another time – now I’m here and I’m glad to tell you we well be present at Gamescom in Cologne from August 21 to 25. That’s really quite the step up from our last game conventions, Game Summit and Geek Touch.


At our last convention, the Game Summit, a small convention dedicated to networking and professionals in the video game industry, we had no way to make people test the game apart from making them test it on our own phones. But not for gamescom \o/. The process to add new players in the beta is pretty long, so to circumvate this problem we’ll have tablets on hand.

Talking about beta… Many of you have noticed, but we are starting to open the gates 😉 Little by little we are adding players to the game server. We’re not adding everyone at the same time to avoid complications, and that way we can support each player easily if there is any problem.

Most of the players are reporting bugs through our discord server, but some also through facebook…We’re glad to see how everyone is already hyped for the game. We hope to see even more of you ingame in the near future.

See ya’ll later 😉

Solène (Guacamole ingame (ง •̀_•́)ง fight me!)