Hello everyone! Here we are for the second edition of the Million Chronicles to talk about one of the things we really care about around Million Lords: Community.

With the growing number of players on Million Lords and the constant community activity on our Discord server, we want to strengthen our ranks! To do so, two new things have been put in place :

  • The code of conduct.

Because the line between tolerable and forbidden can be very thin (especially with regard to certain strategies that can be considered as cheating) and because it is always better to prevent than to “cure”, we have put in place a code of conduct that explains the good manners that a lord must have as well as the behaviors to proscribe. From now on, the code of conduct will be essential and each player will have to respect it in order to have a friendly and respectful gaming experience.

Code of conduct link : https://millionlords.com/safe-and-fair-play/

  • Community moderators.

If you are a regular Million Lords player, have good social skills and want to help the tri-land community grow and prosper, feel free to apply to the community moderators team!

The missions of the future community moderators will be mainly : (Non-exhaustive list)

  • Answer players’ questions on Discord / Ingame.
  • Report players who do not respect the code of conduct in game and on Discord.

Our goal is to have 3/4 moderator per server (Europe, North America and Asia) who will also have an important role to play in the life of the Million Lords Discord. Each application will be analyzed and a test period will be carried out with the selected candidates. This position being voluntary, your activity as a moderator and your availability will be free, the objective remaining above all to support us starting from a good will.

Link to the application form : https://forms.gle/FSARdrs5QyVbmUbv9

Thank you to all our lords for your involvement! Spicy news about a very special event will be coming soon, stay tuned on our social networks!

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