Convention and competition

Hey everyone what’s up 🙂 Time for another devlog !

Million Lords is approaching its next milestone : we are exposants in a convention (yay!)! We’re going to have a small booth at the Japan & Geek Touch, a small french convention taking place this weekend, the 7 and 8 of April. 

Having a booth is only the beginning. We are not going to show up with our hands empty! To liven things up a bit at our booth, we ordered some rollups, a photocall and the cherry on top – we made a contest for the Geek Touch attendees.

The prizes to win : a sword, a crown, t-shirts, stickers, cards… How to win? We opened the server for the convention and the attendees have to sign in : they will fight other attendees and the one on top of the ranking board will win a sword + other Million Lords goodies. The crown will be won with a prize draw. We hope there will be lots of participants, and that we’ll see a big war breaking out in the game :that would be awesome!

When the sword arrived to the studio I can assure you the first thing everyone wanted to do was to keep it at the studio :^)  

The previous playtest we did went very well so all the studio is crossing fingers so that it will go just as well. Everyone spent a lot of time perfecting the game and correcting details such as the log in or the procedural map. Before another portion of the map appears to give new players space, there must be a specific number of players on the last produced section.

We are expecting many players during the Geek Touch : it was necessary to see and adapt everything, so that the servers would hold and we avoid any with the procedurally generated map.

Preparations are necessary !

Now, we really decided to join this convention pretty late so we had lots of preparations to make, including creating the banners and photocall with the game graphics on it, prepare the contests, write down the rules, buy the sword/crown…

Plus, the legalese : even if the participants signed up on one form, they are signed up for 2 contests : the competition ingame and the draw. So we had to draw up 2 different sets of rules.

In the end we are all very impatient to see people play our game, and we can’t also can’t wait for their feedback.

See you soon 🙂