Hello everyone! We’re happy to see you here for this third edition of the Million Chronicles!

Today, we’re bringing some spicy news to the community of the three lands!

Have you ever gotten up one morning feeling full of motivation, goals and the desire to conquer the world? It is said that it happened to all of us at least once, even to those who aren’t morning guys. Have you ever gotten up one morning, put on your armor, taken your white and red cape and shouted “DEUS VULT” over your cat, before invading your neighbours? Okay, maybe that’s only me, forget about it.




They are powerful, loyal, and ready to support your clan body and soul, discover the brand new feature of templars!

Arriving in the Three Lands Kingdom in early March for the new season, the templars will bring cumulative skill bonuses to players, considerably increasing the social and teamplay aspect of Million Lords.

How do Templars work?

Each player will start with 5 templars level 0, one for each of these skills :

  • Striker
  • Recruiter
  • Prosperous
  • Rusher
  • Guardian.

Using skydust or sapphires, you will be able to raise the levels of each templar, and receive extra skill bonuses for each additional level.

The exciting thing about templars is that their bonuses will be cumulative between all members of the same clan.

For example, if 10 members of your clan have the striker templar level 10, all your clan members will benefit from an additional 50% striker bonus! The challenge will therefore be to organize with your clan to decide which templars to choose according to your objectives and needs.

Because it’s always easier to understand with pictures, here’s a preview of the ingame implementation of templars!


As you will have understood, the templars add a major strategic and social dimension to Million Lords. The control of the temples will now be even more decisive and intense, the best organized and active clans will benefit from significant bonuses. If you’re a lone cat, maybe it’s time for you to join a clan that matches your goals, or write your own story by creating your own clan? We are proud of this feature and hope you will enjoy it!

Now, something more special and mysterious..

You probably already heard about a special event that is coming soon on the three lands? If yes, I would advise you to prepare for the March 2021 season, serious things are going to happen soon on Million Lords. If not, you should take a look at this! : https://millionlords.com/mlc/

Thank you for reading and see you soon on the three lands battlefield!

Sanguinello, Community Manager.


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