Hello fellow lords !

The 3.3 update is coming for the beginning of the May season with a lot of improvements & changes! Get yourself a coffee and enjoy!

1) Prestige points


Each month you can earn a certain number of prestige points depending on your ranking at the end of the season. The purpose of these prestige points is to reward the most competitive and motivated players over the long term. From now on, players will earn more points at the end of each season, so that the satisfaction and “whao” effect will be greater.

Wait, I know what you think : A lot of shiny prestige points, that’s awesome, but apart from proving my power and my loyalty to the kingdom of the three lands, what else can I do with them?

By accumulating prestige points throughout the seasons, you will be able to unlock avatar coloured borders :

0 points : Beginners wood coloured border

5 points : Bronze coloured border

75 points : Silver coloured border

150 points : Gold coloured border

300 points : Platinum coloured border

600 points : Diamond coloured border

1200 points : Legendary coloured border

Borders unlock automatically based on the number of prestige points you earn over the seasons, so you won’t have to do anything to get your shiny prestige borders!

2) Harvest


To make the game experience even more dynamic, we added a harvesting system that allows you to earn troops, armies and even sapphires as you travel through the kingdom of the three lands.

These bonuses, which can be collected by all players, take the form of small clickable bubbles that will appear randomly on the map, here’s a video preview of this feature:


Bonuses will be applied as follows:

  • Gold bonus : Grants the equivalent of 15 minutes of gold production
  • Army bonus : Grants the equivalent of 15 minutes of armies production
  • Sapphires bonus : Grants 5 sapphires

For army and gold bonuses, the quantity given by the production depends on the number of Kingdom Points of each player.

3) Walls


  • Walls values have been increased for each level.
  • You can no longer upgrade a city if it’s being attacked with an army of more than 40% of the city walls.

Currently, the best way to defend a city under attack is to upgrade the level of the city to make the walls surpass the power of the enemy army. This technique, as interesting as it is from a strategic point of view, can be frustrating and punishing for many players. After two different test sessions (Do not hesitate to join the Discord server to participate our future testing sessions!) with all types of players : Beginners, veterans, casual players, hardcore gamers, etc.. The feedback from the community has been quite varied, with some players having doubts about the impact of this change on the meta, and some other players who loved this new way to play Million Lords.

With these changes, our goal is to allow a more permissive and fun gameplay for players. The frustration caused by walling was often pointed out by the players, which should not be the case anymore. It will still be possible to defend your cities by stationing your troops intelligently and thinking about the best positioning of your cities on the map.

It is never easy to get new playing habits, but it often allows you to rediscover the game under a new aspect and find new ways to define your strategies to progress in the leaderboards.

The feedback from the community following this update will be closely analyzed with a survey posted in game and on Discord to know your post-update feelings and suggestions.

Now you know everything about the new 3.3 update! We hope you’ll like the changes and are looking forward to hear your feedback!

See you on the three lands battlefield!

Sanguinello | Million Victories.


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